Grades 4 to 6

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African-American History:

African American World

Try to match the famous face with the event. Can you beat all four levels?

Culture and Change

Who are the top ten African-American inventors of all time, and which of their inventions can't you live without? Find out at this site!

George Washington Carver


Kulture Kids

Learn about African-American history from A to Z, including famous "firsts" achieved by African-American women.


The Underground Railroad

This site provides an overview of the Underground Railroad to freedom. Choose your path in this interactive adventure: remain as a slave or try to escape to Canada.

World Almanac For Kids


Virtual Field Trips:

Betsy Ross House Tour

Hershey's Chocolate Factory

Find out how chocolate is made.


Take a tour of Thomas Jefferson's home


White House Tour

Join Spotty, the President's dog on a tour of the White House!


Games and Quizzes:

Analogy Challenge

Try to complete the analogies in a race against time.

Antonym Challenge

Aton Ra: The Lost Statue

Ball Hogs

Play a tennis match practicing your knowledge of synonyms and antonyms


Build corrals for cows by reading and answering questions.


Dungeon Escape

Help Evan the Warrior to release his imprisoned countrymen by spelling the answers to rhyming riddles.

Field Trip Adventure

Take a school field trip by unscrambling the synonyms.

5th Grade Super Challenge Grammar Blast

Fun and Freaky Facts

From Scholastic

Noun Explorer

Find your way through the Cave of Stone Wonders by clicking on the correct word.

Proofreading Makes Perfect

I challenge you to do the "Putting  It Together" quiz to find and fix the errors!

Race to Ramses

Knowledge of prefixes and suffixes will help you get to the buried tomb of Ramses.

Sentence Speedway

Find the Dependent and Independent Clauses to make cars race.

Slam Dunk

Practice with common and proper nouns

Spelling Match Game

Create 2 syllable words

Verb Power

Help get the carnival going by picking the right words.  Good 4th grade game.

Wacky Web Tales

Just like Mad Libs!

Web Word Find

On-line puzzle for 6th graders from Houghton Mifflin website


Make the most words and earn the title, "King of the Monsters".

Word Jungle

Choose correct meanings of words to help you through the jungle.  Pick your level from 2nd-6th grade.



Bill Nye The Science Guy


Learn a new  fact each day from the Franklin Institute!

Brain Pop   

Animated movies and quizzes about science. 

The Earth Quiz

The Human Body Quiz

The Inventors Quiz

The Outer Space Quiz

Secrets At Sea

See if you can solve the mystery. As you pass through the story, you'll complete a number of activities, which will lead you to the solution.

The Apollo Astronauts


information about space


Space Kids

The Space Place

Dr. Marc's amazing facts




Mars Video

Mercury Neptune
Pluto Saturn Uranus Venus


Harry Potter:

Pronunciation Guide

Meet J.K. Rowling


Harry Potter's Wizard Challenge